Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER-GN30-K, Men’s Wet/Dry Trimmer with Vortex Cleaning System, Battery-Operated

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Using only one hand, immerse the trimmer and water is pulled in from the sides, spun through the unit and ejected from the top. Simple and thorough cleaning. Dual-edge blade cuts hairs which enter the trimmer from not only the sides but also the top. Perfect from trimming individual stray hairs...

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I had a Panasonic trimmer from about 15 years ago that went out and bought this just because I assumed it would do the trick. I don't do anything other than trim my nose hair with it. This one takes forever to trim the hair and doesn't do that great of a job. It takes 5 times the effort and time to do the job that my old one took. I thought maybe it was low powered because I put a bad battery in it, but that's not the case either.It's sounds like it's running on a low battery and hardly trims/cuts. I thought I'd give it a few tries before totally bashing this with hopes that I'd feel different about it, but I don't. I tossed the box and might as well toss this in the garbage too.
The trimmer was very effective. However, after continued use (once every 2 weeks possibly for 2-3 months) I had run into many instances that the product wouldn't turn on; the battery was not the issue, as I encountered same issue whether it was a new battery or not. I had to open the battery port and rotate the battery without rhyme or reason in the hopes that the product would turn on... sometimes it did, and other times it didn't.In some instances, I noticed upon opening the battery port that there was a foul smelling odor coming from inside. It seemed to be leaked battery acid. I don't know how or why this would've happened, but that's the most rational deduction I can make based on the smell and where odor was coming from.My guess is that the battery terminals corroded and did so very quickly. As for the battery acid odor, I can't really think of the cause of this. With the nose trimmer being advertised as waterproof, it doesn't seem to pass that litmus test.I'm stuck with this terrible product that doesn't work because Amazon refers you to Panasonic for being out of your return window. Panasonic is a pain to reach support because it is only available during working hours and when you're at work, it's difficult to contact Panasonic because you're, well, working. Panasonic offers a poor discount to more below average products unless you're willing to fork over some cash to buy something really nice. Overall, I would not recommend this product, as you'll have to replace shortly thereafter.
I bought this item on July 26, 2017 to replace the same item that had stopped working months before. Well, I found out the hard way that it's no fluke because the new nose trimmer died this past week. Panasonic only has a 30 day return policy. Now I realize why the co. doesn't offer a 1 year warranty on this crappy product to stand behind it. It's junk. Don't buy.

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