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Premium speakers with Dolby processing let you stream music and books in crisp, stereo sound. With a vibrant 10.1" HD screen for watching videos, movies, and TV shows—in a new fabric design.; Ask Alexa to see lyrics and album art with Amazon Music. See weather forecasts, calendars, to-do lists,...

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I work from home and bought the Echo Show specifically for two reasons: background movies and music to keep me company all day. For music, yes, this is an excellent device. The sound is loud, clear and surprisingly well-rounded. Alexa recognizes voice commands very well in this respect. Movies, on the other hand, are a struggle. First, Alexa does not recognize most movie names by voice command, even ones I know are on Prime Video. Next, if you have Alexa take you directly to Prime Video, it offers only a "lite" version of the service. You cannot search movies well and the few categories they have stop at 60 results. Being that I can easily stream 4-6 movies a day while working, I've already exhausted most of the good choices. Then, for whatever reason, the audio volume on videos is 50-70% lower than music. So in order to watch a video at arm's length away, I have to turn the volume to 1/2 at minimum, but usually 3/4. I don't understand the massive disparity between music and movie volume. Worse yet, if Alexa responds to a command while I'm watching a movie at that volume, her voice is two or three times louder than the movie, which is to say, obnoxiously loud. Now, maybe I bought this for the wrong purpose. I am never going to video call or have it control my lights, nor am I going to ask it to set an alarm or give me a recipe. However, with the marketing claiming there are tens of thousands of commands, I was under the impression that doing something as simple as using Amazon's own video streaming service would be incredibly smooth. Unfortunately it is not. And like others have said, this is a touch screen after all, but there are very few things you can actually use it for. I think I am used to the app screen on my phone I guess. I keep expecting to be able to go to a home screen and pick what I want to do. With no clear index of abilities, I really have no idea what I can do until I try things. Then, after Alexa tells me she doesn't understand five or ten times, I just give up. Last, I've gotten some errors while streaming video that claim the device's storage is full and it can no longer stream. Well, there is no apparent way to clear the storage; streaming data should be temporarily stored and automatically replaced with new data anyway. Because of this, I've had to restart the unit to clear the memory, which can only be done by unplugging it. Yes, really, even with a touch screen and pull-down menu at the top, there's no restart button, you actually have to unplug it. Decisions like these make me question who they had working on R&D. Some of these things just don't make sense. I do think this has the potential to be a 5-star device with the hardware as-is -- the screen is very nice and the speakers sound excellent except for the volume issue. I know not to expect the functionality of a pad or phone with a mobile OS, but I also feel very limited by the intuitiveness and functionality of the system as it is today. Unfortunately I doubt the fixes will come before my refund eligibility expires...
I have several of the Alexa devices (kindle, dots, spots, echo, original show) this device is different for 2 reasons, speakers and size of screen. This is a great kitchen companion. The screen is large enough to view from across the room. Before adding an ingredient to a dish, you can confirm the measurement without walking away from the stove, bowl, mixer e.t.c. It has great speakers so you can fill the room with sound as you prepare your gourmet dish. I am hesitant about putting it in the bedroom, video calling :). When I purchased my show, Amazon offered a free smart light bulb. I wish they would bring back that offer. Not that I would buy another show, but it might help others purchase one, if they were considering having a smart home.The new Echo Show is a must have!!!!!!I purchased my Akexa Show from an Amazon kiosk in a mall. That is why this post doesn't detail "verified purchaser".
Edited 10/19/18: After 2 updates, the volume problem mentioned in my review is fixed. When using normal volume speech, but with the Echo volume set fairly low, Alexa now answers at a suitably low volume. And today, I was able to activate the new Whispermode, which works great! You whisper to Alexa, she whispers back to you. I'm raising my rating to 4.5 stars. If Amazon would ever remove the annoying “Try this” messages ruining my home screen photo (and music screens as well), I would probably rate this as 5 stars. (This is unfortunately unlikely to happen, as Echo Show users have been complaining about this for a year and a half, but it hasn't changed.)I upgraded from the first generation Echo Show. I’ll get my one real complaint out of the way first. On the second generation Show, you can lower the volume for music and videos, but not for the Alexa voice. Even with the volume set very low, so I can listen to music without disturbing anyone, if I need to interact with Alexa, her response will be very loud. This didn't happen with the first generation Echo. On that one, if I turned down the volume, everything was turned down, including Alexa. I did send feedback to Amazon about this, and I see someone else here commented on the problem. I'm eagerly awaiting the new whispermode, which isn't on my device yet, but really, I just want the voice volume to work the same way it did on the first generation.I do really like the bigger screen size, which is a pleasure to watch. I'm also enjoying using the Silk browser to access YouTube. (You get to it by saying “Alexa, open Silk.” ) You can't use voice to search for YouTube videos, but if you're willing to sign into a YouTube account, you can access your saved video lists and get to the videos quickly that way. I also used the browser to access my local PBS TV station and watched some on demand video on that.

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