Tired of limp, dull hair? No end in sight split-ends?  Let me share my experience with this must have (Salerm 21 hair treatment) leave-in hair conditioner!

My wife’s  honest experience with using this gem of a product leave in conditioner hair treatment.

This product was recommended to me by my hair stylist. I decided to purchase it to pamper my hair after a much needed haircut. Right of the bat, this product smells utterly amazing!  I can have that just stepped out of the salon hair smell everyday, all day! The texture is not sticky at all and it doesn’t weigh down your hair.  All you need a dime size amount, work through the ends to mid root and just comb. That’s it! It detangles my hair with such ease, adds a lustrous shine and gives my hair a super hydrated smooth, soft finish.

Added benefits is that it protects hair from sunlight, saltwater, chlorine from pools, and heat from hair straighteners, curlers, blowdryer, flat iron etc.
It contains provitamin B5 liposomes, silk protein. In other words, a must have, safe, damage free inexpensive product for that Hollywood hair look!Buy this Hollywood Salerm Hair products at Amazon for a fraction of a Cost Leave-In Hair Conditioner

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