The Best Pure Wood Handle Shaving Straight Razor


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The Best Pure Wood Handle Shaving Straight Razor

The Wooden Handle razor is a safety strap made of stainless steel with a stand of the high precision tool. These triple shaving tools had a handle and impregnated laminated wooden substrate, which is created by slow impregnation of natural resin wood. This ensures natural wood texture with excellent water resistance and prevention from deformation. All metal parts are made from stainless steel. The 105 mm handle offers a robust and well-balanced handle. Although it contains a blade, it is specially designed for use with sharp edges. It comes in a beautiful gift that includes five platinum blades with an infinite lock to get started.

Many of us need a tool that we can rely on and be comfortable with efficiency, especially when we are down. Users need a product that guarantees that there is no chance of cutting problems, so choosing among many products are a tough task because you need to check all the features and decide what suits you, Handle wood Razor is a more convenient tool for those who want a product well designed for long-term use.

Wood Handle Shaving Straight Razor-Design

From design, Handle Razor is made of 100% pure natural wood and has no coat of paint. This means that the handle does not have to be polished and it will give a nice feeling and good adhesion. The blade holder is made of metal, offering excellent contrast and rich tool.

The real shaving product comes with a standard leather bag that looks perfect and makes shaving tools and blades safe and effective.

Wood Handle Shaving Straight Razor-Quality

As mentioned in the design, the product quality is elegant, in simple terms. Natural wood means that it is not necessary to polish or clean. It is a good adhesion and a natural feeling that makes shaving smooth and light. The blade holder is a durable metal that can last for a long time and is fastened to a wooden handle with a brass bolt that can be adjusted to the needs and the comfort of the user.

Wood Handle Shaving straight – Features

The blade includes 100 single-blades, high quality stainless steel blades and no cost to ensure efficient shaving. These sheets are well used.

What is the quality of the blade?

In the razor, this is the most important aspect. Made of carbon steel, as you well know, is a better choice. Because it brings you the ultimate edge restraint, which is amazing to clear your chin as usual or your head, actually many men use a handle of a steel razor on the blade edge of the handle, well done.



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