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Top 5 Shaving Products Modern Men Use

Shaving can be a real pain. Without the right products or an understanding of how to shave properly, it can quickly turn into a daily ritual of razor burn and cuts, especially if you shave in the morning when you are just waking up. Plus, it can be very time consuming. According to Credit Donkey, “On average, men will spend about 3,000 hours (or 4 months) of their life trimming their facial hair.” That doesn’t sound like much, but it is. So, why not spend that time using quality products that are going to make shaving a smooth and, dare we say, even fun experience.

Part of the problem with shaving is that there are a lot of options to choose from. Shaving can encompass anything from trimming your beard to ensuring that your sideburns stay nicely shaped. According to Credit Donkey, “The razor industry generates some pretty decent revenues for the nearly 60 companies that produce shaving equipment. As of 2014, it’s estimated to be worth a tidy $3 billion.” That means there are plenty of products for the modern man to use, no matter what you are trying to achieve. Below we share the top five shaving products we think will make your shave the best one possible.

First – The Art of the Shave

The Art of the Shave

This company and its products are top of the line and will make you feel like you have an old-fashioned barbershop at home. They offer their products separately or in a kit, but we highly recommend going with the kit. It comes in different scents and follows a system that lets you get the maximum shave with minimal problems. Their package comes with an essential oil that gets your hair ready, a shaving cream that is light and fluffy, a brush made of the finest materials, and an aftershave. If you follow the instructions, you will get the shave of your life. And they even make soaps and other products that are just as excellent.

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Second – Gillete


This company is a big boy in the industry for a reason. They simply make superior products. And even though they can get expensive, we think they are worth the cost. With technology such as a vibrating razor that will make your facial hairs stand up and razors that pivot to the contours of your face, we know that their products can get everywhere you need without leaving a scar. Plus, you can sign up for their subscription service to save some money on razor refills that get delivered to you on a monthly basis.

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Third – Nivea Shaving

Nivea Shaving Gel

When you think of Nivea, you may think of products for women. But their shaving gel is fantastic, especially for sensitive skin. It gives a cool feel and ensures a smooth shave. With an extra thick lather and aloe to soothe the skin, it will keep you protected against razor burn and other minor irritations. You can use it with any razor and get the same great results. You can also combine the gel with their aftershave balm for smooth skin and a great feel.

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Fourth – Bassion Handcrafted 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Hard Wood Handle

Bassion Handcrafted 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Hard Wood Handle

If you want to put your shaving cream on with style and grace, you need this shaving brush. Made from 100% badger hair, it feels great on your face and will make you feel like a king. It is both dense and soft, and it is easy to clean and air dry. Plus, unlike brushes that use synthetic materials, this one will last you a long time. And with its ergonomic shape, your arm will not get tired. This is a must-have for the modern man. Combine this with a bowl and the right shaving cream and you’ll have it made.

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Fifth – Beard Bib

Beard Bib

The worst part of dealing with a beard, aside from getting food in it, is the mess of hair that is left on the floor after shaving. Whether you are trimming or shaving your beard off after Movember, picking up hair is never fun. That’s where a beard bib comes in. These beard aprons are easy to use; you just snap it around your neck and attach the other end to your mirror with its suction cups. It works much like the one you would see in a salon. Plus, it folds into a convenient pouch so you can use it anywhere. Now you can shave while watching TV and not have to worry about the mess!

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Shaving can be expensive, time consuming, and downright annoying. You will never hear someone tell you that they cannot wait to get home and shave. And while we all would love that great look Don Draper from Mad Men had, with his constant five o’clock shadow, not all of us are able to. But you will definitely feel like Don Draper with these products.

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