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Wahl Detailer

The Wahl Detailer is a hair clipper of an excellent quality that features an extremely sharp blade, enabling you to go ahead and create the most beautiful and accurate edges, trims, hair cutting styles and designs for your clients. Netting sharp and crisp lines will seem simple and quick when you put this hair clipper to use. While zero gapping the T blade is something you can do, you need to be careful while you handle it as it is extremely sharp and you could end up hurting yourself if you are not careful enough when using it.

The Wahl Detailer is five inches long and approximately seven oz in weight. It comes with a hard plastic body and features an excellent rotary motor that lets you complete as many strokes as possible in a minute or two. There are three Wahl guides that accompany the product at the time of delivery, that brief you on how to use this hair clipper in the best way possible. The battery life of this hair clipper is one that is most certainly long lasting and you can use it comfortably for an hour at least without having to charge the hair clipper. Charging does not take a long time either given that this is a product that is accompanied by a high quality powerful charger when it gets delivered to your doorstep. You will also be provided with red blade guards, clipper oil and cleaning brush with which to keep the product in good condition. You also need to bear in mind the fact that locating additional guards could be tough, given that the detailed T Blade of this particular hair clipper is one that features special dimensions.


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